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I provide personalized editing for genre fiction and narrative nonfiction. I approach editing as a kind of mentor, coach, and teammate rolled into one, and I have the same goal you have: to bring the best book possible to your readers.  I see myself as a collaborator helping you make your voice shine.
Editorial review will make your book even better. It is the rare unpublished story that couldn't use further polish. A critique or developmental edit helps you make your story as strong as it can be, by showing you what is working and what still needs revision (for example: filling plot holes or strengthening your main character's goal-motivation-conflict). Line edits and copyedits will find awkward phrasing or overlooked typos. A bonus to working with an editor is that in many cases you'll learn something that you can apply to your next project.
I pledge to have my clients’ best interests at heart. In addition, I strive to improve every day, with every book. I continue my education through classes, webinars, and workshops.

Picture of page in typewriter; page has "Ready to get published" typed on it.

Ready to Get Published

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Snowy Mountain Peaks


I’d never worked with a developmental editor before Penni. Her comments & suggestions along with the story map & style guide are absolutely invaluable. My stories are so much better with her feedback. The story map Penni delivers is worth its weight in gold. Penni is truly an incredible editor.
-Liz Lee, Romantic Suspense Author

(The hyperlink above & this hyperlink take you to Liz Lee's page at Goodreads)

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