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More About My Professional Development




University of California-San Diego Extended Studies (formerly Extension Program)

  • Grammar Lab

  • Copyediting I

  • Copyediting II

  • Copyediting III

The Editorial Freelancers Association

  • Word for Editors

  • Developmental Editing for Fiction: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

  • Bookmapping for Developmental Editors

  • Copyediting Fiction

  • Intermediate Copyediting

  • Copyediting for Beginners


  • Three Pass Edit Webinar Series with Liz Pelletier

  • Editing Outside Your Own Experience (Presented by Alex Kapitan of Radical Copyeditor, through PEN)

  • Trauma-Informed Editing with Iva Cheung (through the Fold)

  • Microaggressions in Editing: Understanding Bias and Undoing Harm (Presented by Crystal Shelley through ACES)

  • Respect: How Editors and Writers can Build Great Relationships (Presented by Sue Burzynski Bullard through ACES)

  • Inclusive Language: A Practical Approach to Avoiding Bias (Presented by Sarah Grey)

  • Trans Allyship for Writers and Editors (Presented by Davey Shlasko)

  • Perspectives: People of Color in the Editing Community (Presented by Cynthia Williams)

  • Immersive Copy Editing for Fantasy & Science Fiction (Presented by Kristy Gilbert)

  • Achieving More With Less: Editing at an Association or Nonprofit (Presented by Emily Primeaux)

  • Commas with Ayers Edits

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