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I'm Penni Askew, born with my nose in a book. Figuratively speaking, of course. Sadly, I did not learn to read until kindergarten, but I did pester my babysitter (and everyone else) to read The Cookie Tree over and over until I knew it by heart. That's almost the same as reading it, right? I grew up near Denver and played a lot of sports, none of them well. I also spent a fair bit of time working on my late grandfather's ranch (now run by my cousins) in the mountains of Idaho. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and eventually moved to North Texas, where we avoid heat waves and hailstorms whenever possible (Not Really Possible). I enjoy knitting and spoiling my dog while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

I interned with an ebook-first publisher from 2015-2017. I have been a member of The Editorial Freelancers Association since 2017; I am also a member of ACES (formerly the American Copy Editors Society) the National Association of Independent Writers & Editors (NAIWE). I am active in my local editing community, and I continue my professional development by attending webinars, classes, and conferences. 

My desk is not this streamlined, but it does include a computer with a 27-inch screen and I do always have a cup of coffee or glass of water at hand.

Part of my family's ranch in Idaho (now run by my cousins, though my uncle still helps out)

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