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Picture of Penni Askew

About Penni Askew, owner of Word Summit Editing LLC


I'm Penni Askew, born with my nose in a book (figuratively speaking) and a love for words. I turned that passion into my profession in 2015, when I began an internship for a publisher. I started my own editing business in 2017. I have edited over 100 books, including for four publishers and many authors who hired me directly (some to self-publish, some to have the most polished book possible before submitting to agents or acquisitions editors). I see my role as your editor as a kind of coach, mentor, and cheerleader rolled into one person helping you bring your best book to your readers.


I grew up near Denver and played a lot of sports, none of them well. I also spent a fair bit of time working on my late grandfather's ranch (now run by my cousins) in the mountains of Idaho. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and eventually moved to North Texas, where we avoid heat waves and hailstorms whenever possible. (Not. Really. Possible.) I enjoy knitting and spoiling my dog while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

I earned a certificate in copyediting from the University of California-San Diego Extended Studies. I have been a member of The Editorial Freelancers Association since 2017; I am also a member of ACES: The Society for Editing and the Professional Editors Network (PEN). I am active in my local editing community, and I continue my professional development by attending webinars, classes, and conferences. For more about my continuing professional development, read here.

Picture of desk with second monitor and keyboard, laptop, smartphone, and disposable cup with lid. 

My desk is not this streamlined, but it does include a computer with a 27-inch screen, and I do always have a cup of coffee or glass of water at hand.

Picture of hill with sagebrush in foreground, pine tress going up hill to top, blue sky, and a few clouds.

Part of my family's ranch in Idaho (now run by my cousins, though my uncle still helps out)

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