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Cover picture of Dinner with the Hawthornes by Cherie Fruehan

DWTH Front Cover 2.jpg

I loved working with Penni! A professional in every way, she copyedited both of my novels in an engaging and timely manner. She was clear with me what I should expect about the editing process and stuck to the timelines she quoted. Not to mention, she is very knowledgeable in her craft, and stays on top of current industry standards. I could not have produced such high quality work (or an award winning book :) without her.

-Cherie Fruehan, Award-winning artist and author of Dinner with the Hawthornes, which earned Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2020) and The Suicide of Sophie Rae.

You can buy Cherie's books at amazon, Kobo, audible, B&N, and Apple. Find Cherie's website at

Cover picture of The Suicide of Sophie Rae by Cherie Fruehan

TSSR Paperback Cover 6x9 RGB Bumped.jpeg

Cover picutre of Knight by DL Hammons

Knight Rise Cover Option 3.jpg

Working with Penni was a joy! She edited both of my books and since it was a series she was very instrumental in helping me keep things (character traits, plot threads, settings, etc.) straight in the second book. She is very organized and straightforward (which I prefer). All of her suggestions made the books better and she was always available when I needed to ask a question or run a scenario by her. If I'm lucky enough to bring the third book in the series to print, she will definitely be my go-to editor!

-DL Hammons, author of Knight Rise, a Page Turner Awards Finalist and Fallen Knight.

You can buy DL's books at bookshopamazon, Kobo, B&N, and Scribd. Find DL's website at

Cover picture of Fallen Knight by DL Hammons

Fallen Knight Final Cover.jpg

Cover image of The Other Side of Good by E.A. Coe

Coe_RF Silver.jpg

When I contracted Penni Askew to edit my manuscript, I expected her critique on the things I could improve. I didn’t expect her applause for the things I had done well. What a bonus to be able to hire an accomplished editor and a cheerleader for one price. Her edits were meticulous, complete, and always delivered gently with encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Penni, look forward to future collaborations with her, and offer my most enthusiastic endorsement for her editing services. 

-E. A. Coe, author of The Other Side of Good, which won Best in Crime Thriller and Crime Drama categories from Outstanding Creator Awards.

You can buy E.A.'s books through his website: EACoe.Online

I just wanted to email to thank you again for your edits on "Rise Above." It is officially complete, submitted, and off to find its way in the world. I think those notes gave it the final push toward completion, so many thanks once more.

-Matt Livera, flash fiction writer

Cover of People Across the Sea, by Passchier Stouthamer, edited by Krin van Tatenhove

Cover of Invitation to the Overview by Krin van Tatenhove

Cover of The Pattern by Krin van Tatenhove

People Across the Sea Cover 2.jpg

I have 30 years of professional writing experience and choosing Penni Askew as my editor is one of the best decisions I ever made. Her line and copyediting helped bring out the unique voice in each of my books. Her prompt response time and client-centered patience are highly professional. I wholeheartedly recommend her for all your editing needs!

-Krin Van Tatenhove, author

You can buy Krin's books at amazon

Invitation to The Overview.jpg
The Pattern.jpg

Penni has edited my last three sweet and wholesome romance stories. Every line I wrote was carefully scrutinized with helpful (and I might add, spot on) compact and powerful suggestions and comments, which brought new life to my characters, plots, and storylines. She showed me what I was doing right, and what I needed to improve upon as well as how to achieve my goals. I appreciate and respect her honest and straightforward approach.


-Deborah King, author of the Inspiration in Cologne series


You can buy Deborah's books at amazon.
Visit Deborah's website here.

Cover of In Style 4 Now by Janet Leigh

In Style 4 Now OTHER SITES 2.jpg

Cover of After 5 by Janet Leigh

After 5 final.jpg

Cover of Keeping Time by Janet Leigh

Penni is awesome. I’ve used her for a full edit and several copyedits. She goes above and beyond with her feedback and makes my work shine. I won’t use anyone else!


-Janet Leigh, author of the Jennifer Cloud series

You can buy Janet's books at amazon, Kobo, audible, B&N, and Apple. Visit Janet's website at

Keeping Time final.jpg

Thank you for the wonderful critique of my manuscript. You helped me write several scenes better while keeping my own voice. I never felt as though you were re-writing my scenes for me. Your confidence in my writing inspired me to do better—thank you!


Your editorial points were right on target, and I appreciate it very much. I now know where best to use a hyphen.


What I like most about your editing style is the passion and enthusiasm you have for reading a good book. You enjoy what you do, and it shows. It’s encouraging.


With your help, I feel like I’ve written a book that readers will enjoy. 


I’m looking forward to working with you again.

-Suzan Schnitzius, author of middle-grade and YA books

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