I just wanted to send another Thank you for editing...the books in my series... You take my books to an entirely new level, and I’m super appreciative. 

-Janet Leigh, author of the Jennifer Cloud series

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I just wanted to email to thank you again for your edits on Rise Above. It is officially complete, submitted, and off to find its way in the world. I think those notes gave it the final push toward completion, so many thanks once more.

-Matt Livera, flash fiction writer

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Thank you for the wonderful critique of my manuscript. You helped me write several scenes better while keeping my own voice. I never felt as though you were re-writing my scenes for me. Your confidence in my writing inspired me to do better—thank you!


Your editorial points were right on target, and I appreciate it very much. I now know where best to use a hyphen.


What I like most about your editing style is the passion and enthusiasm you have for reading a good book. You enjoy what you do, and it shows. It’s encouraging.


With your help, I feel like I’ve written a book that readers will enjoy. 


I’m looking forward to working with you again.

-Suzan Schnitzius, author of middle-grade and YA books

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Once again, thank you so much for your suggestions, catching my mistakes, your writing and editing skills, and recommending the great idea... I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and enjoy working with you. :) I look forward to your edits, which is rare for an author to say, from what I've read on my Facebook groups.


-Deborah King, author of the Inspiration in Cologne series

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I have a manuscript...that I will be finishing up by the end of the month.... [Could you] pore over it with your editorial eye? You are the best I've encountered!

-Krin Van Tatenhove, author of several short books

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